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Dec 10, 2013 12:00pm EST
encourage young women who like math and science to not shy away from it and to pursue technical careers, i love doing that, but at general motors, i think i have the best job in the field, to be able to work on product all day long. >> reaction so far? very positive. >> mary has a lot of talent, and a lot of experience. she is very personal. she did a terrific job in the human resources function at general motors. >> what was it specifically about her and continues to be about her that makes her the kind of leader general motors needs right now? very experienced, very good with people. she has excellent experience working with people. she knows general motors backwards and forwards. she has been there quite a while. she just had all the attributes necessary to be a great leader. >> what a great way for gm to celebrate its free at last from government ownership, but it is ofold move, regardless qualifications, and what a shattering of the glass ceiling in this industry. i think it's a great day for gm. >> were me, she is a surprise. i thought steve gursky might have been a candidate. bringi
Dec 4, 2013 9:00pm EST
that have been discovered by the telescope. >> you are kind of the nsa of science. >> yeah, i guess that's a way of putting it. we are the collection agency for universal radiation. >> why the quiet zone? >> the energy that it normally receives is equivalent to the energy of an by a single snowflake hitting the ground. >> with no white noise on the radio or cell phone use, living in green bank is like traveling back in time. >> your life is a little slower, old-fashioned. >> general store sells everything and if you need to call home, use the payphone. it's a couple of miles down the road. and in case you were wondering, it costs $.50 to make a local call these days. >> and ring they have someone to enforce -- and they have someone to enforce the rules around town. most residents comply, but there is some rebellion. >> someone used to have a wi-fi access point set up and the name of it was "s crewyounraoprivateproperty." >> i live in the city and it drives me crazy. >> i said, listen. and everybody looked around and said, i don't hear nothing. and i said, that's what i like about th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2